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The intersection of Faith, Culture and Media!


  • Sunday Sermons

    153 videos

    Sunday service sermons with Pastor A. R. Bernard.

  • A. R. Bernard

    71 videos

    A. R. Bernard is a weekly program.

  • Unapologetic Christianity

    5 videos

    A series hosted by Jamaal Bernard.

  • The Intersection

    1 season

    A program that explores the intersection of faith & culture.

  • CCC News
    57 videos

    CCC News

    57 videos

    CCC News chronicles the lives of those exemplifying Christ in Culture.

  • ARB Classics

    42 videos

    The ‘ARB Classics’ Series takes a look back at teachings from the past still relevant in this present day!

  • From the ARB Vault: "Looking Back"

    23 videos

    Looking back at past interviews with A. R. Bernard.

  • Health & Wellness

    3 videos

    Health & wellness advice from medical experts.