ARB Classics

ARB Classics

The ‘ARB Classics’ Series takes a look back at teachings from the past still relevant in this present day!

ARB Classics
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road Part 2b

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road Part 2a

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road Part 1b

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road Part 1a

  • Life In The Gap Part 2

  • Life In The Gap Part 1

  • Servant Leadership & Balanced Ministry Part 2

  • Servant Leadership & Balanced Ministry Part 1

  • Ebb And Flow Part 2

  • Ebb And Flow Part 1

  • A Kairos Moment Part 2

  • A Kairos Moment Part 1

  • Passion

    Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulation (John 16:33). There are forces intent on opposing us at every turn. Surely you've noticed that the moment you try to apply your faith, doubt creeps in. The moment you decide to go on a fast, hunger is waiting. When you've made the decision t...

  • Changing Your Framework

    We live in confusing times. As Christians, it’s difficult to know what to think or what side to take. With issues like racism, war, and politics highlighting every newscast, where should we take our stand? In this incredibly unique and timely Resurrection Sunday message, A.R. Bernard draws a para...

  • A Glorious Mystery

    Jesus teaches us in the book of Matthew that spiritual things simply are not understood by everybody. The fact is, spiritual things are hard to grasp and can only truly be comprehended by the Spirit. That’s why God’s Holy Spirit is the only key we have to unlock the hidden truths of His kingdom. ...

  • Reset Your Mindset

    Did you realize that your behavior is governed by your expectations? Did you know that your expectations can only be managed by a positive mindset? The problem, of course, is that many of us over the years have adopted a wrong or negative mindset. Like a computer that needs to be reset to the ori...

  • Two Roads

    In Matthew 7, Jesus tells of two roads. One traveled by many that leads to death and destruction. And another road, less traveled that leads to life and light. Because of Adam's sin, we are all born into the natural kingdom and walk on the natural road...ruled over by Satan. His laws of fear, gre...

  • Pain Must Have Purpose

    There’s a lie circulating among Christians today—a lie that is causing widespread confusion and destruction. This mistruth tells us that if you follow certain formulas, you will never have to suffer…you’ll never have to experience the pain that others go through. All you have to do is follow the ...

  • The Unsurpassing Rule of God

    The newscasts today are filled with so much bad news-war, famine, natural disasters, moral failure, and worse. It's enough to make you wonder what's going to happen next. But we don't have to know what the future holds because we know the ONE WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE! Our God is sovereign God. We may...

  • The Divine Order

    Despite what you may think, your life is not just a series of random events strung together circumstantially with no purpose or direction. Your world isn't merely the result of a "big bang" or a universal accident. God's order pervades your life and your world. His fingerprint-His intelligent des...

  • The Scriptures and the Power of God

    Why don't some people understand the power of God? Because they do not properly understand the Scriptures. In this critical teaching, Dr. Bernard explains the importance of not just reading the Bible, but also comprehending its meaning. In simple, yet profound, terms, Dr. Bernard unlocks the secr...

  • Wiles Of The Devil

  • Your Greatest Asset in Life

    Are you aware that God has a divine design for your life? He wants to communicate with you daily, infusing you with His spirit, empowering you to succeed in everything you touch. But in these times of "many voices," how can you tell God's voice from all the counterfeits? A. R. Bernard once again ...

  • The Law of Ability

    The ‘ARB Classics’ Series takes a look back at teachings from the past still relevant in this present day!